iSmoke Vapor

Quality Name Brand Products

iSmoke Vapor offers a wide variety of the industry's leading vaping devices and e-liquids. We carefully vet each and every product that we put on our shelves. At iSmoke Vapor, you can be certain that you're purchasing a quality name-brand product without breaking the bank. Our goal is to serve you, the customer, whether you are new to vaping or an experienced vaper.

New to Vaping?

iSmoke Vapor will match the right vaping system to your lifestyle.

Sometimes vaping language is confusing at first when you hear from friends about what they use or prefer or why they vape (E Juice, PG and VG ratios, coils, mech mods?).

And sometimes you just get bad advice and end up with some really poor vaping etiquette!

Tell us what you want and tell us your goals.   Vaping is an individual thing!    

Our Vaping Products

Nothing cheap to see here, folks!   Gas stations and convenience stores are where you find the best of the worst vaping products.   iSmoke Vapor has years of research invested in avoiding fakes and clones.

That's how we got to be the source for vaping excellence in your area!   If you can't find it on our shelves, it could be because we we tried it, didn't like it, and you don't need it.

Customer Service

iSmoke Vapor understands that it comes down to the experience you have in our stores.   You'll enjoy the feeling that you're in good hands when you make your purchase and walk out the door:  the best advice, employees pointing you in the direction of products that are the best and most trusted, and making sure you've had all your concerns and questions addressed in a thoughtful way in regard to the vaping lifestyle.    We're confident you'll look forward to seeing us as much as we hope to see you back!

What our clients are saying

“I’ve been to a lot of the vape shops around town recently. Just getting back into vaping after several years. Have been shopping for a new setup to get started again. Hands down iSmoke Vapor is the best in town all around. Prices can’t be beat. The staff and their knowledge can’t be beat. Set me up and got me working in store and gave me a little crash course. Walked out vaping away with my new mod box and a bottle of juice for under $70.”